The Joy Map Method for Fast Scaling Married Women Entrepreneurs Who Want MORE....

With Naketa Ren Thigpen

When: March 22nd-26th, 2021 @ 12pm EST

Where: Certified Selfish Community

Why: Because your deserve more!


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#1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the World!

Being married (or in a committed relationship with your forever love) has it's beauty and challenges.

Being a married woman entrepreneur, who has to juggle making room for herself, the 50 priorities on today's task list, navigating the labyrinth of constant growth pains and transitions amid leadership ebb and flows, while creating space for me time, let alone "we time" is an entirely different game.

I get it. It can be so overwhelming at times that your tired gets tired and you really just want to hit the imaginary pause button on that wheel of spinning plates you're somehow not dropping to catch your breath.

After working with highly ambitious women (and a few brave men) over the past 25+ years who could also relate to how your feeling right now, and what you've pushed through, I've created the blueprint that will literally change your life, love and if you're bold, your business.

Want to know what I learned? Sign up for the Joy Map Method Masterclass and get upgraded to your next level.

The Days of Choosing Between a Happier Marriage and Your Ambition are Gone!

  • Are you a fast-scaling woman entrepreneur who's married and craving more but feeling like your family life can't handle anymore of your ambitious goals and time away from them?
  • Do you miss passionate nights with your husband that stimulate your desire to go to work the next day and crush it?
  • Are you ready to reignite your marriage while simultaneously making room for achieving your entrepreneurial dreams?
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The #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the World!

Meet Naketa.

Over the last 10 years as the #1 Balance and Relationship Advisor in the world, Naketa Ren Thigpen has provided Personal Growth, Professional Training, Leadership Development and Business Strategy for over 10,000 diverse global professionals, ranging in ranks from CEO’ of multi-billion dollar corporations to Program Directors within smaller organizations.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Balance & Relationship Advisor, and Sex Therapist, Naketa is not afraid to model vulnerability by interjecting true life anecdotes from her fiery 20+ year marriage in her coaching and training programs.

Keeping her own true love agreement to create work/life (and love) balance for her marriage and business, for the last 5 years, this International Best Selling Author takes a six-week self-lovecation to recharge and ready herself to return and serve at the highest level for her team, her clients, and now you!

The Joy Map Method is the Blueprint for a Happier Marriage & Booming Business

Create an amazing love life without sacrificing fast scaling success.


Learn 5 simple tools you can use to deepen the connection with your true love, boost intimacy and develop healthier communication so you and your desire for continued success can be heard and fully accepted.


Balance Love and Growth without dimming your ambition! YES, it is possible! Reignite your marriage with personalized techniques that will transform mediocre relationship routines into adventurous sensory stimulating rituals that take TWO minutes a day.


Infuse techniques that heat up the bedroom and amplify success in the boardroom! Start by creating space for increased joy with proven practices from emotional and behavioral science that help you let go of the anxiety, guilt, and shame that can force you to choose between having love (and) success


Come get your breakthrough! Attend all 5 days of the intensive training and discover how to reclaim the part of you that was buried under other people's expectations and release your true brilliance


Flip the fear that's holding you back from stepping into your next level of greatness. We'll begin with the tools you need to master your mind and expand your empire with strategically designed solutions to help you grow your business in a way that allows you to fully live the life you teach.

Our client-partners love us

Dr.Joy RDH

"My Journey through the Joy Map Method has been a Life-Altering experience."

Dr. Joy Void-Holmes

RDH-DHSc/ Entrepreneur

Caring, incredibly talented, flexible, intuitive, responsive, engaged, passionate, real, a positive spirit, an over-giver, and all-around blessing in disguise. These are all words that come to mind when I think of Naketa.

When I think of where I was 90 days ago and where I am now professionally, personally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually, I have evolved into a better version of myself. And a force to be reckoned with I might add!

From the group meetings, to the one-on-one strategy sessions, and exposure to her vast network, Naketa focused me to think beyond developing a single business to developing a global brand.

She saw the best parts of me and helped me to develop a plan to use my strengths and passions to live a life of balance.

Naketa operated simultaneously as a mentor, coach, cheerleader, therapist, and most importantly, a friend.

Naketa poured an abundance of energy and confidence into me, allowed me to be my authentic self, and never passed judgement.

My work with Naketa and the Joy Map Method has taught me how to speak life into myself, my business, and he things I want. I can’t wait for the Joy Map Method Part II!

Donna L.Hines M.Ed

"Personally, I went from having no personal time to myself; from now having as much time needed to create balance in my day. "

Donna Hines

M.Ed/ Entrepreneur

Permission to Release Your Success Private Advisory Program with ThigPro [a foundational component of the Joy Map Method] has truly helped me with my personal and business endeavors.

Business wise, Naketa has helped me to focus, create, and incorporate strategies to elevate my companies in ways I could only imagine.

I would recommend anyone to this company who is interested in creating success and balance in their personal and or work life.

Jasmin Haley_Business Strategist

"Just in a few short months in her incubator I have grown wings to scale up my business and maintain the balance of my life."

Jasmin Haley

RDH/ Business Strategist

Wow, Wow, Wow!

That is what sums up my experience in working with Naketa. I can't thank her enough for all the help she has given me to help me succeed as a business owner. It was a chance meeting when I first met her.

Instantly, her energy and professionalism intrigued me when I heard her speak at a millennial summit. I didn't know at the time that she would be instrumental in my growth in 2017.

Naketa has created something special where individuals can learn how to be successful in full alignment with their physical, spiritual, and professional well-being.

Naketa created a safe space for me to do so and gave over and beyond to help me get to where I am today. Thank you for everything!

It's time to heal and beyond time to be happy with your work/life (and LOVE)...

So are you in?